Two-day coordination meeting in Springe

The InDaLE project team met again in presence for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. The two-day coordination meeting took place from 07-08.03.2022 in Springe. The main topics of the exchange were the continuation of innovative projects and their transferability to rural areas in Germany. On the first day of the meeting, the focus was on the topic of sustainability. The results of the interpretation of the data collected through guided interviews were discussed: What differences and similarities can be identified between the examined projects from the considered areas of general interest in other EU countries and Germany with regard to sustainability? What general statements on sustainability can be derived from this? The second day was dedicated to the topic of transferability: What impulses for the investigation of the transferability of the projects under consideration result from the interpretation results on permanence? Which factors, framework conditions and governance structures of the areas of public interest considered by InDaLE have to be taken into account when transferring the innovative projects from Sweden, Scotland and Austria to Germany? These and other questions were the subject of the productive meeting. 

The photo shows from left to right Alexandru Brad (TI), Rainer Danielzyk (ARL), Ingo Mose (UOL), Jörn Bannert (GIH), Nathalie Tent (UOL), Annett Steinführer (TI), Alexandra Weitkamp (TUD), Andreas Ortner (TUD), Alistair Adam Hernández (ARL), Alice Gebauer (GIH) and Barbara Warner (ARL).

Missing from the photo are Winrich Voß (GIH) and Juliane Klöden (TUD). 

Staff presence meeting on 03.08.2021

The staff of the research project met again in presence for over a year on 03.08.2021 for a workshop in Hannover. The focus of the workshop was the evaluation of the upcoming interviews with people from Austria, Scotland, Sweden and Germany. The photo shows from left to right the staff members Kevin Brendler (research assistant ARL), Alice Gebauer (GIH), Jörn Bannert (GIH), Nathalie Tent (UOL), Juliane Klöden (TUD), Alexandru Brad (TI) and Alistair Adam Hernández (ARL). 

Conference in Loccum

Conference in Loccum

02 - 04 November 2020